Sunday, January 15

Gotong Royong Day !

Hyep everyone!

  As I promised,I would be back after a week with a hot marvellous delicious story that you guys can't wait to dig in. Ceh.. gurau!

Yesterday,we had a gotong royong for our class. We made such a huge improvement by painted the dull walls to a bright colour , took off the dusty blue curtains and washed it too..i think my homeroom teacher took the curtains home to be launder so people would'nt feel that disgusted to touch the curtains.. Now,they can even smell them! lolz

Then,we cleaned the class windows.. It were all dusty and sick! Luckily they had us, 3 terbilang to be theie owner for the year. They got to be cleaned and the windows were all sparkling bright till you cant take your eyes of them .

The day,I was too exhausted even Im not doing much work than other people.. cleaning a place after a year been left without being touch is sure a big problem!

YEY we get to study in a new atmosphere,new aura and our mood wouldnt be swing as always when we enter the class!

May all 3 Terbilang will score Straight A's for PT3 !! Not to forget the other pt3 candidates too !

Ameen :)



  1. I have followed you. here's my link Visit me back, maybe? :D

  2. would you mind to share the picture of the wall that you have painted during gotong royong. it must be cantik. :)

    1. hehe i wish i could.. but sadly i dont bring my phone that day =(