Saturday, January 7

New year new start !

Assalamualaikum everyone !

It has been quite a really long time since I last posted my new story. School days are tough ... it will be tougher for those who will be seat for big exam like Upsr, pt3 and spm... since my parents,the teacher and my friend,rasy encourage me to practice writing english in blog,so ill do what they asked me to,anyway,.it's for my own good too.. so why not ?

This week,the stress really absorb into me like non stop ! You know. You have to be super prepared for every subjects' topics.. in case the teacher would ask you about your preparations before he or she start  teaching you.. since im not doing any revision for the past topics,this kind of thing (revision) really makes me into a crazy person.

My Bm teacher,Pn Hana had already given us a task to do.. She asked the students to form a group of five friends and i were really panic that day when she told us to search for two more friends.. how come we are not panic? We've never have the 'people' who are willing to join our group! What is so bad about us mannn??! Then the day has come, luckily there were two boys who asked to join our group.. ..ahh alhamdulillah.. we have to do a presentation about a short story called tapai tapai bende tah..hehe,but ive read the story though..

My first time of having morning session of school is going fine.. it looks okay now.. but ive problem with my face... my eyes will look really sembap at morning..èéèé.. heh,everyone does.. so that is not a biggg problem that i should care ..

Thats all for this week's diary .. i will make more interesting updates soon !

If ive problems with my grammar or maybe the vocab is not too good,,you guys can correct me .. im willing to learn!


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